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Store life's most precious moments on a Memories Timeline and preserve for future generations.

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Consolidate and curate your story into a visual Timeline that tells your life in your own words. Capture the highlights, share the stories, and leave your memories for generations to come.

Tell the stories that matter.

Create a Timeline of your own life, or that of family members current or past, your pet, or even organisations that are important to you, like your local sports club or family business. Timelines are a complete and colourful celebration of the life and stories that make us who we are to live on for future generations.

Share, collaborate and listen.

Invite your loved ones to contribute to your Timeline by adding their own photos, videos, and comments. Or collaborate with others to create a Timeline for someone or something else.

Your story, your privacy

Simple privacy controls keep your timeline private, or choose to share with friends and family, or display for the world to see. Memories is strictly ad-free, so you can tell your stories without the clutter.

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