Five steps to a fantastic Father’s Day Timeline

It’s that time of year again: Father’s Day is coming. What will you get for your dad — or carer? 

Whichever nurturing soul you’re celebrating this Father’s Day, you’ll want to give the perfect gift. After all, they do so much to support you! They really deserve the very best.

Yet gift shopping can be a challenge — especially if they’re the kind of person who already seems to have everything. And the usual fallbacks — socks and jocks, subscriptions, aftershave or perfume — aren’t exactly personal.

This year, why not celebrate your carer with their own Memories Timeline?

It will be a pleasure for you to put together. It will show just how much you appreciate them and all they’ve done for you. It costs you nothing more than the time it takes to put together. And it will be a unique gift that lasts forever, so they can come back to it again and again in the weeks, months, and years ahead.

So, how can you make your Timeline really special? Here are our top five tips for creating a fabulous Father’s Day Timeline.

1. Make a Timeline from birth until now

What better gift is there than a whole life legacy? This Timeline might require a little research, but it’s sure to be a big hit with your loved one.

Create a new Timeline that begins with the milestone of their birth, and charts their endeavors and adventures up to now. Add Key Life Events like study, graduation, relocations, vacations, and so on. Then complete the Timeline with your favourite Memories of them.

Tip: Don’t just add written descriptions of events and photos. Include videos of yourself recalling important memories, too.

2. Make a Timeline of your last 12 months together

If charting a lifetime is too big a challenge, focus: build a Timeline that explores the last 12 months of your carer’s life. 

Check your camera roll, calendar, messages and emails to jog your memory about the important dates and great moments you shared. Then include these in your Timeline, complete with commentary from you.

You’ll create a lasting memento that you can update every Father’s Day from now on. Now that’s a precious gift!

3. Invite family and friends to contribute their Memories...

Once you’ve got the basics of your Timeline together, invite other family members and friends to add Memories, too.

Contributors’ Memories can be especially valuable now, when so many of us have been separated by Covid-19. 

Consider asking anyone to contribute who your carer looks after in some way — from your cousin, to the kid next door. Or, invite those who simply know how nurturing this person is — like their partner or friends. These contributions will add valuable depth to the Timeline.

Tip: If a Contributor doesn’t feel confident to add a Memory, ask them to comment on other Memories instead. The more, the merrier.

4. ...then, ask them to create Future Messages

How will Father’s Day morning be for your loved one? Whether or not you’re there to celebrate with them in person, they can wake up to a wealth of well-wishes thanks to Future Messages.

Ask the people your carer has helped most to record a video Future Message, and schedule it to arrive on Father’s Day. 

Each Future Message is as unique as the person who sent it, so your carer will feel surrounded by loved ones from the moment they wake up on this very special day.

5. Schedule some Future Messages of your own

Don’t let the others have all the fun! Create your own Future Messages, too. 

Think about the dates that are particularly important to you and your carer: birthdays, anniversaries, and so on. It can also be fun to send an “On this day last year” Future Message, to help them remember a fun event or trip you shared in the last 12 months.

Get creative to give your Future Messages the biggest impact. If you’re making a video, consider what you’ll wear, and what you’ll mention. Props can be fun, too! But remember, your Future Messages don’t need anything more than your heartfelt message to let your carer know how much they matter to you.

The ultimate “forever gift”

A Memories Timeline really is the best gift you can give this Father’s Day. 

But if you want your loved one (and all their family and friends) to keep adding to the Timeline from now on, make sure they never run out of storage space: upgrade from the Free Memories membership to a Lifetime Membership. 

That way, all those Memories can last forever.