Best Family Photo Ideas for Different Occasions

10 October 2020

Family photos are some of our most treasured possessions. They are visual representations of the love and bond we have with our closest relatives. Each photo is a fleeting moment in time that is frozen and immortalized. Photos contain stories and memories that we'll always cherish.

In this article, we'll talk about some of the more creative family photo ideas that will make your photo albums even more memorable. From holiday family photo ideas to season-themed photo shoots, the options are as endless as the depths of your imagination.

Fun Family Photo Ideas (General)

1. Superheroes

A fun family photo idea is to dress up like your favorite superheroes. Why just admire the Avengers when you can be your own team of heroes? This is the perfect photo shoot if Halloween is just around the corner.

2. Vintage

Hop into your time machine and go back to a different period. Your family can dress up as hippies, or perhaps as British aristocrats having tea at noon. There are so many fun family photo ideas with this theme. It will also give you the chance to teach your children about history.

3. Western

Cowboys and cowgirls spark our imagination like no other. It's a time in the West filled with adventure and intrigue. You can find cowboy/cowgirl costumes online, or you can simply look for affordable western wear from specialty clothing stores. Put on your ten-gallon hat and leather boots, and take part in a fun photo shoot. You can even decorate your house too look like an old-fashioned saloon.

4. Perspectives

Don't just take boring "flat" photos like everyone else. Use different perspectives or angles. For instance, instead of standing next to each other in front of the camera, you could all stand a few feet behind each other and in different positions, so some will be close to the camera while others are far out but still visible. You can also utilize commercial photography drones to take aerial shots of your and your family laying down on the grass in a circle. If you're at the beach, you can use a GoPro inside a waterproof case to take a POV (point of view) shot of your family in the water. If the water is clear enough, you can even try to partially submerge the camera so that viewers can see the duality of the water and the surface.

5. Monochrome

Colors can be overrated. Black and white photography is just as, if not more, beautiful than plain old color photography. Monochromatic photos highlight the interplay between lights and shadows. They also put emphasis on the "soul" of the photo rather than the distracting details of colors. You can set your camera to shoot in black and white mode, or you can decrease saturation in post-editing, or use a filter. Experiment with different lighting, angles and compositions. It will make for memorable, museum-quality photos of your family.

Family Christmas Photo Ideas

1. Living Room Scene

The living room or den is the heart of most households. It is where the Christmas tree typically stands brilliantly in all its decorations and lights. It's also wear the fireplace is in most houses. Simply put, it is the traditional place of gathering on Christmas. It is why many holiday greeting cards and family photos feature the living room. So, take advantage of the Christmas decorations and do a photo family photo shoot in the living room. However, don't just do the boring old poses (looking into the camera); you should enact scenes showing members of the family doing different things: mom putting up decorations, dad serving hot chocolate, the son pretending to inspect a gift box with a stethoscope, etc. It'll make a fun and funny family Christmas photo idea.

2. Lights, Camera, Action!

Photography literally means "painting with light." The most lit up holiday is undoubtably Christmas. So, take advantage of the beautiful light display and use it for family photo shoots during Christmas. Experiment with different colors and brightness. You can take family photos inside and outside, or wherever else you have Christmas lights. They will make for spectacular photos that you'll cherish forever.

3. The Most Important Gift

A fun and creative family photo idea would be to take clean used packing boxes and gift-wrapping them. Get boxes that are used for moving. Size is important and here's why: if you have little kiddies, have them sit inside the box so they look like surprise presents coming out of the gift box. Be sure to find or make a lid with a red bow on top, and have your children lift it over their head. It will make for a funny and charming family photo that will surely be a hit on social media.

Fall Family Photo Ideas

1. Fall Colors

Autumn is arguably the most photogenic of all seasons. It's a natural display of Earth's vibrant colors, from golden orange to sunset red. This is especially the case if you live in a part of the country that has vivid Fall colors, like New England. You should take advantage of this fleeting season and do a family photo shoot in the crisp cool outdoors.

2. Pumpking Patch

Speaking of outdoors, if there's a pumpkin patch or farm nearby, take a field trip out there and do a Fall family photo shoot. Pumpkins and jack-o-lanterns are iconic props for Autumn season photos. A lot of pumpkin farms also have mazes made of cornstalk or hay.

3. 'Ber Holiday Family Photos

The "Ber" months (September, October, November, December) mark the final quarter of the year. It is fitting that many of the major and most memorable holidays take place during these months: Halloween, Thanksgiving, Christmas, and New Year's Eve. This means multiple opportunities for your family to do holiday photo shoots, whether it's dressing up in Halloween costumes, dressing up like Pilgrims for Thanksgiving, or wearing matching Christmas sweaters.

Winter Family Photo Ideas

1. Winter Wonderland

The first day of snow is one of the most poetically beautiful times of the year. It is like living inside a monochrome photograph. Take advantage of the snow before they start to get watery and dark from traffic. Layer up and go outside to take photos in the snowy landscape. You don't have to go far, like a ski resort. A local park with a decent-sized field will do.

2. Snow Family

Here's a fun Winter family photo idea! Have a friendly family competition on who can make the best snowman. However, each member should make a snowman, snowlady, snowchild that resemble themselves. Then take a photo of the creations together like a snow family photo. You can then take a photo next to the snow family to show the awesome resemblance. It's a great way to pass the time and bond together, and will make a unique family photo.

3. Snow Fight

One of my most vivid childhood memories was having a friendly snow fight with my parents in our parking lot in New York. They make memorable family photos because they are candid and you can feel the fun and hear the laughter emanating from the photograph. This is a timeless photo shoot that are popular among family and friends who live in snowy areas of the country.