10 Great Ideas for Preserving Baby Memories

By 9 October 2020

Preserve memories of your baby's infant years by trying out these creative ideas. That way, you and your child can cherish these wonderful memories long after they've grown up. It's also a great way for your children to see what they were like as babies since we don't typically remember that time period vividly.

If you're a new parent, then you know how life-changing your child's birth is. Your precious baby boy or baby girl is now the center of your universe. One of the joys of parenthood is watching your children grow over the years, and this is the starting point. We often say that our kids grow up too fast, especially nowadays. That's why it's important to cherish your child during their baby years. Record and archive your memories of them as tiny darlings, so that when they do grow up too fast, you'll always have something to reflect back on.

1. Professional Baby Photography

You may have a nice camera and fancy yourself as a good amateur photographer, but nothing beats the expertise and eye of a professional. There are many companies that specialize in maternity and baby photos. They offer package deals that include professional post-editing and file transfers. A professional photographer will know the right lighting, angles, composition, and creative direction that will result in outstanding photos that you and your family can cherish forever.

2. Crawl Painting

This one is a messy but fun and worthwhile idea. Buy a large canvas roll (the ones without a wooden frame yet). Next, purchase non-toxic, non-allergic washable paint. Crayola makes pints of inexpensive sets. Then, pour a little bit of different colors on the canvas and let your baby crawl around. Of course, make sure they don't touch their mouth with it. The paint is non-toxic and don't have annoying or harmful smells. The results should be a "trail" of them crawling around the canvas with the paint all mixing together to create a masterpiece. Afterwards, let the artwork dry while you give your mini Picasso a well-deserved bath.

3. Baby Bottle Decor

Take one or a few of your baby's old milk bottles and turn them into home decorations. For example, you can fill them up with glitter or sand from their first trip to the beach (include seashells while you're at it). You can also place small mementos and trinkets from their baby years.

4. Framed Ultrasound Photo

If you received copies of your ultrasound from the clinic or hospital, you can have them enlarged and printed at the photo department of places like Costco, Walgreens, and Walmart. You can also go to a photo printing shop or camera store to do it, but they will be more expensive. If you can get a digital copy with high-resolution from the clinic, even better! Purchase a nice frame and maybe some mat, and frame your baby's ultrasound. Not only does it look cool and artsy, it will also make a unique memento that will remind you of those fond memories of early motherhood.

5. Clothes Quilt

While we encourage parents to donate old baby clothes to homeless shelters or Salvation Army--so that economically disadvantaged mothers (especially single mothers) can have clothing for their precious babies--another cool project would be to sew a baby clothes quilt. There are various how-to articles online as well as hundreds of videos for beginners. Not only will you learn a new hobby (one which will come in handy as a mother), but you'll have a wonderful tapestry that will always remind you of your child's baby years. Bonus: they make comfy blankets in the winter time!

6. Baby Hand Cast (Plaster Molding)

One of the most popular ways of preserving baby memories is by creating hand or foot casts using plaster molding and other non-toxic materials. There are numerous brands online or at hobby stories to choose from. You can create moldings of hand and foot prints and turn them into house decor.

7. Framed Baby Footprints

Speaking of footprints, you can also use washable non-toxic hypoallergenic ink. Simply place the ink in a plastic container and use a rolling brush, which usually comes with the print making set, to lightly coat the soles of your little one's feet. Then, press their inked feet on to a thick piece of paper. We recommend card stock if the footprint kit doesn't come with one. You can then frame it and display it on the wall along with the ultrasound photo.

8. Baby Clothes on a Teddy Bear

Another way of reusing your baby's old clothes is to buy a cute teddy bear that is baby-sized. Next, dress them up with your baby's old clothing. It'll make a charming and unique memento for your child. They can even play with it. Later on, in the future, when your baby becomes a grown-up, they can give it to their own babies to play with. It's a poetic and creative way of reminding us the cycle of life.

9. Memories Timeline

You can create a Memories Timeline that will not only securely host your baby's precious infant years and other memories, it will allow you to share them with loved ones as well. You can even make your baby's timeline page part of a larger family tree.

You can publish, archive and share your memorable photos and videos online in a secured platform, such as a Memories Timeline. Think of a Memories Timeline as a digital scrapbook, but has more benefits like being able to share them with family and friends across the globe. Another advantage it has over a traditional physical scrapbook is that a Memories Timeline has multimedia features.

A Memories Timeline is the perfect option to host digitized photos. Other features include data protection, customizable privacy settings, and a user-friendly design editor. The Memories Timeline can become an interactive family tree, which is a better option than other ancestry platforms because a Memories Timeline is more user-friendly and has a better navigation panel for editors. A Memories Timeline is a reminder of the importance of creating memories with family, and that it is important to not only record your family history but to preserve it for the future generation.

10. Memory Book

One of the best ways to commemorate this important period in your child's life is to create a baby memory book. A physical memory book you can hold in your hands would also make a great companion piece to a Memories Timeline, which is the digital version. A memory book is essentially a scrapbook but focuses more on a certain period, such as your child's baby years. While a digital memory book, such as a Memories Timeline, is rich with multimedia benefits, nothing beats a memory book that you can hold in your hands.