It is now common practice for people to have a video of their wedding. Since technology has advanced photos are not the only way of remembering the day. Memories provide a comprehensive package for all weddings. All lighting and sound is taken care of, as well as excellent image capturing. You can be sure that none of the finest moments of your wedding will be missed. After the wedding Memories go back to work on the editing of the day. This is to ensure the best moments are not forgotten and the film runs smoothly with no abrupt endings or cuts. After the completion of the editing process it is up to you to decide what music is played and at what moments during the film.

The Complete Greek Wedding Package Includes :

However, each function is unique and we tailor your video to your exact needs. After the wedding, a date will be arranged to discuss editing requirements (arrangement, music, etc) with the couple.

Our wedding service includes filming, editing and prodution of 3 sets of DVD films (with full interactive menus and chapters), complete on printed DVDs with quality DVD cases.


Backup cameraman to capture cut-away shots from various angles, interviews with family members for wellwishing can be organised, additional DVDs and/or VHS tapes, along with photo CDs can also be purchased.

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