Here are a couple of letters of appreciation that we have received about our work.

Thank you for the brilliant dvd. You captured all the essential and important moments of the liturgy and the quality is excellent. The DVD is something that I will treasure for the rest of my life.

Thanks for everything. Regards
Father Aimilianos Epaminondas

Dear Peter,
   We really do not know where to begin in order to tell you how truly amazing the dvd is.
   Both Pantelis and I not only cried with such emotion but cried with tears of laughter as we watched how our friends and family had a wonderful time, as did we.
   The effects and moments you have captured is everything we ever wished for. You not only captured the emotion of the day but the overall closeness of all those that we love.

  Peter, you were not only patient and wonderful on the day but have been since the wedding whilst putting togethor the dvd. You made sure that everything was captured right up until the last drink of the evening.
   There is no doubt taht we will recommend you to all our friends and family and you are definately booked for our christening!

Thank you with all of our heart, Pantelis & Emma.